For Nonprofits

Bring Value to Both Your Supporters AND Your Organization

The DashTravel4Charity program provides 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations an opportunity to receive 25%* of net commission from their donors’ travel. Supporters don’t always donate when asked, but they do travel. Supporters can now contribute to your nonprofit, just by booking through Dash Travel. When individuals or groups, travel anywhere in the world for business or pleasure, your organization can benefit.

How We Help

  • We provide a new monthly revenue stream with no start up costs, risk or obligation.
  • We deliver outstanding service to your supporters. Dash Travel “has been there since 1959”.
  • We help with marketing the program to your organization.
  • We even offer a “Pop-Up Travel Agency” for any special events. Ask us for details

* The commission is paid to your organization within 60 days after it’s received.

Who We Help

  • We help local charities, national nonprofits, foundations and any 501 (c)(3) organizations.
  • We help your donors be more charitable by doing something they are already doing, traveling.
  • We help your organization with additional ongoing passive revenue.

What We Offer

Dash Travel has been helping individuals and groups with their travel needs since 1959. We have literally been all over the world (all 7 continents, 100+ countries, all 50 states and on over 100 cruise ships). We are uniquely qualified as an experienced, concierge travel agency.

We specialize in CUSTOM TRAVEL arrangements for groups and individuals. With our concierge service and Internet competitive pricing you can be confident your supporters will be well taken care of. We can service all your members’ travel needs:

  • From Family Vacations to Worldwide Tour packages
  • Luxury Ocean and River Cruises
  • Destination Weddings and Honeymoons
  • Private Yachts and Jet Charters

If your members are American Express® Black or Platinum Card holders, we can even offer them the same benefits at participating venues.

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