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Earn Money for Your Nonprofit in Three Easy Steps

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Your Charity Receives 25% of Net Commissions!
Commission paid to nonprofit within 60 days of receipt.
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The DashTravel4Charity program provides 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations an opportunity to receive 25%* of net commission from their donors’ travel.

Travel anywhere in the world for business, pleasure or both. Individuals and groups large and small.

Your donors can travel AND help your charity at the same time. Your nonprofit receives ongoing passive donations through this simple to use travel program.

We Make it Simple for Your Nonprofit:

  • Complete the signup process.
  • Share the program with your donors, staff & supporters. They will be thrilled to learn of this new way to contribute.
  • No time limits, blackout dates or other restrictions. The more your donors travel, the more your group will earn.

Dash Travel Provides:

  • 25%* of the net commissions from your donors travel
  • Concierge service and Internet pricing
  • American Express Pricing with Black & Platinum benefits.

Before you press that button and book online… call Dash and your nonprofit can benefit.

*Commissions paid within 60 days of receipt.

We Provide Concierge Service and Internet Competitive Pricing

The More Travelers You Refer... The More Your Organization Can Make

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