Frequently Asked Questions

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How Does The Program Work?

Great question! We want to give every registered charitable organization a donation for each time one of their donors books a travel reservation with Dash Travel.

How Much is the Donation?

Since each reservation and travel excursion is unique, the commission earned will be different. We take 25% of the earned net commission and forward a check to the charitable organization.

Are There Limits on How Much a Charity Can Receive?

There is no limit. In fact, the more a charity promotes this fundraising generator, the more the nonprofit will benefit.

How Does the Nonprofit Promote The Program?

This is up to the charity AND we have some proven techniques to share with each charity.

Can the Nonprofit’s Board of Directors, Staff, and Volunteers Participate?

In a word, ABSOLUTELY.

Why is Dash Travel Offering This Program?

We simply are surrounded by friends and business associates affiliated with the nonprofit sector. We saw a win-win benefit to offering a simple solution to fundraising that does not require much effort in starting up, no effort in record keeping (well, there is for us, but not the charity), and the donor makes a worthwhile gift by simply going on vacation!

Are There any Downsides to the DashTravel4Charity Program?

We don’t see any, and the only downside is in not registering now and letting those valuable